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Soar With Tapping Mobile App

It wasn’t until I started applying tapping to the root cause of my issues, and approached my tapping with a solid strategy, that I started to see significant results. That’s why I’m developing the Soar With Tapping App. It’s designed to walk you through a journey that’s personalized for you and only you. 

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While research on EFT tapping is still in relatively early stages, many studies have been conducted in recent years, and show the efficacy of EFT tapping for emotional, psychological, and physical symptoms.

Tapping therapy has been shown to improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, tension headaches, and more.

Studies have indicated that tapping serves as an active ingredient in treatment, and not merely a placebo.

While more tapping therapy research needs to be done, early results display the powerful immediate and long-term benefits of the practice.

EFT tapping does not need to be done in person to be beneficial. Researchers have found that it is effectively delivered via an app as well.

If you want to explore what EFT Tapping can do for you, once you start applying it to the root causes of your issues, give the Soar with Tapping app a try!

It’s specifically designed to heal the root causes of our issues through deep emotional work and a targeted approach. Along with over 100 tapping rounds available, you will receive guidance about how to work through even the toughest issues, like anxiety, depression, PTSD and weight loss.

The Soar With Tapping App is Here!

Download now and start enjoying the benefits of a regular tapping practice. 

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